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“How Good People Turn Evil” – Corruption in the Philippines

Last week’s expose by Lt. Col. George Rabusa ripped open a Pandora’s box of corruption that implicated three former military chiefs-of-staff. He is expected to reveal more including implicating former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The reason Rabuza can expose … Continue reading

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Is People Power Contagious?

Watching Egypt closely. Coming weeks after Tunisia, protests and riots in Egypt remind me of the global wave of people power triggered by the Philippines in 1986 – first the Philippines, then South Korea, Romania, Indonesia.

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MILF-SOG or Destab Behind Blast — Philippine Gov’t

On Thursday, Philippine Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said although findings are not yet conclusive, authorities are leaning towards two possible groups behind Tuesday’s bombing: the MILF-SOG and/or groups which are trying to divert attention and possibly destabilize the government. … Continue reading

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More Details about the Manila Bomb

The Philippine National Police confirmed the bomb used in Tuesday’s attack was triggered by a cellphone, saying an .81 mm mortar shell was used based on fragmentation strikes inside the bus. Based on the damage estimate, intelligence sources say they … Continue reading

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Jan. 25 Manila Bus Bombing – Who Did It?

In the early years of the discovery of Southeast Asia’s interlinked terrorist groups, authorities could look at the elements of a bomb – the chemicals used, the detonator, the crater left behind – and find the “signature” of a group. … Continue reading

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