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Maureen Dowd wrote a really nice, provocative piece the other day – WHY IS HE BI? (SIGH). I’ve been thinking about leadership for a very long time. These are the sentences that resonate the most for me: “It’s not enough … Continue reading

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Bali Bomber Umar Patek’s Journey to Meet bin Laden

More details surfacing about Indonesian Umar Patek’s activities: 1. He told authorities he married his Filipina wife, Ruqoyah Binti Husen Luceno, in 1998. She was a teacher at a “primary school madrassah.” She was arrested with him in January this … Continue reading

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A Regional Terrorism Crackdown?

Something is going on in Southeast Asia that has authorities on high alert. In the past few weeks, there have been arrests and operations in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. When my plane from Manila landed in Singapore on Thursday, … Continue reading

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