Speaking and Events

I speak on a wide range of topics, including journalism and media’s role in society, new media, crowd-sourcing, social media, terrorism, social network theory combined with media and/or terrorism, organizational change, leadership, crisis management and Philippine political, economic and social issues.

For inquiries, please send an email with details of your event to info@mariaressa.com.

Events in 2011

MSD National Conference, Manila, Philippines
“How Good People Turn Evil: Corruption in the Philippines”

US-Philippines Bilateral Talks, Asia Foundation, Washington, DC, USA
“Media for Social Change”

Jakarta International Defense Dialogue, Jakarta, Indonesia
“The Speed of Trust”

Protect 2011 “Doing Business Amidst New Threats VI”, Manila, Philippines
“New Media & Technology for Crisis Management, Social & Political Change”

AVSECO Conference “The Industry’s Imminent Threats and Solutions,” Hong Kong, China
“Social Network Theory and the Spread of Terrorism”

Filipino Independence Day Celebrations, Singapore
“Social Media and You: Sharing for Change”

George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
“From Bin Laden to Facebook”

6th ICCS Convention on Media Communication, Manila, Philippines
“Journalism Ethics in a Changing Media Landscape”

Tatt Awards, Manila, Philippines
“The Power in Your Hands”

Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore
“From Bin Laden to Facebook”

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore
“The Power of New Media & Technology for Social & Political Change”

International Centre for Political Violence & Terrorism Research, Singapore
“From Bin Laden to Facebook”

International Conference on Community Engagement, ICPVTR, RSIS, Singapore
“The Internet and New Media: Tools for Countering Extremism and Building Community Resilience”

Global Summit of Filipinos in the Diaspora, Manila, Philippines

ASEAN Intelligence Exchange, Manila, Philippines

USC Global Conference, Hong Kong, China

ASEAN Dialogues, Bali, Indonesia

ASEAN Media Forum, Hanoi, Vietnam

Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism, Los Angeles, California

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