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Citizens’ watchdog or sensationalists? Striking the balance
Speech during Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines forum, “The Crisis in Perspective – Is there Really Cause for Alarm?” on March 3, 2009.

Giving viewers the chance to answer back
Excerpts from speech at the Asia media summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on May 27, 2008.

Media Position Paper for the Senate’s Committee on Justice and Human Rights
December 13, 2007

17 Responses to Speeches

  1. Ann says:

    Hi Ms. Maria,

    I AM A HUGE FAN of yours, i always watch your old videos in youtube, the one's in headstart and storyline.. you have a big IMPACT to young women specially to those frustrated journalists.. Im proud to be a Filipino because of you..

  2. Ruben says:

    Hi, Miss Ressa. Is the chat series open to the public?

  3. Luisa says:

    Hi Ms. Maria Ressa! We really look up to you as an ethical journalist…. 🙂 We're now starting our thesis and as a Media Production student we want to focus on socially relevant topics on media. We chose the Political Propaganda using media to fabricate or sugar coat the information about the government. We will be doing documentary for this topic and I just want to ask if you can suggest anything to improve our study.

    I know this is too much to ask, but if you have free time to be interviewed, We'll be so grateful to have that opportunity with you Ms. Maria Ressa.

    (Big fan :D)

  4. grace says:

    Hi! Ms Maria your speech How Good People turn Evil made a mark to my students actually they are the student leaders of the school where I worked for the past 8 years now. They really like it and I encouraged them to read the Lucifer effect. Congratulations and Goodluck to future speaking engagements

  5. Joan Dizon says:

    My students were laughing at me last Saturday while I was listening to your lecture at the ICCS. They said I was mesmerized. 🙂 Anyway, thank you for being an inspiration, not just to teachers like me, but also to young people. My students now understand why I admire you so much after they have heard you speak.

    By the way, will it be okay to copy your speeches so I can share them to my students? I am teaching Communication values and ethics and I want to share with them issues relevant to the present media landscape. Thank you. Keep safe, we need brave people like you.

    • Maria Ressa says:

      Thank you so much for listening! Yes, please feel free to use the speeches. I believe Move.PH will post Saturday's speech on its Facebook page.

  6. Mark Paul Inayan says:

    Dear Maria,
    Thank you for the number of years of sharing yourself to the Filipino people. We need a journalist like you in the Philippines, to make a difference in your simple ways, but as you said you have to move on, but I hope you'll still continue to be in the country. Keep up the spirit and I hope all the best for you. I admire you as a person and as a journalist as well.
    God speed

  7. Edric Castillo says:

    Hi Ms. Ressa,

    I agree with the Priest, they should have not put back VP De Castro and Mrs. Roxas in TV patrol. It is not balance anymore that's why i am watching 24 oras instead.
    I hate it when the former VP making side comments… wala naman yata syang nagawa?

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