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“How Good People Turn Evil” – Corruption in the Philippines

Last week’s expose by Lt. Col. George Rabusa ripped open a Pandora’s box of corruption that implicated three former military chiefs-of-staff. He is expected to reveal more including implicating former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The reason Rabuza can expose … Continue reading

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Jan. 25 Manila Bus Bombing – Who Did It?

In the early years of the discovery of Southeast Asia’s interlinked terrorist groups, authorities could look at the elements of a bomb – the chemicals used, the detonator, the crater left behind – and find the “signature” of a group. … Continue reading

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The Power of Cheche’s Dream

Every now and then, it’s good to reflect on the people who had a profound impact on your life. Last July, Town & Country’s Editor-in-Chief Yvette Fernandez asked me to write a piece about Cheche Lazaro, who recently closed down … Continue reading

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New Year, New Direction

Maria Ressa invited to author a book on the Asian terrorism threat
Author-in-Residence at the International Centre for Political Violence & Terrorism Research beginning February 2011

Asia’s top counterterrorism centre invites investigative reporter and author Maria Ressa to write a book on the terrorism threats in Asia, their connections to the global jihad and how governments are responding to these evolving threats.
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Wikileaks: More and More of Less and Less

No need to take the red pill or blue pill; you are now living in the Matrix.

Technology is expanding our world exponentially at a mind-boggling pace, but no matter how technical the language, the core issues are all too human – hinged to our being and the fabric of our societies.

In dumping more than 250,000 US diplomatic cables to the public, Wikileaks is giving us more and more of less and less – forcing a redefinition in at least three major areas: journalism, international relations, and constitutional law & civil rights. Continue reading

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