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Living in the Moment

One of the things I love about being a reporter is when you land in a new city, you’re forced to really live in the moment, particularly if you’ve never been there before. All your senses are alive because it’s … Continue reading

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Is the Internet Making You Dumber?

Lots of books have been written about both the positive and negative effects of the internet on our minds and the types of people we are becoming. For balanced, opposing views, I’d recommend Clay Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus and Nicholas Carr’s … Continue reading

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Spreading terror: From bin Laden to Facebook in Southeast Asia (my piece for CNN)

Osama bin Laden’s death is a moral victory, but it may turn out to be nothing more than that. Over the past decade, he has been isolated and the capabilities of al Qaeda degraded, but it’s evolved into a social … Continue reading

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The Speed of Trust

Everything we do in our world today depends on trust. The credit card you use to buy your clothes is a small example. The store trusts the credit card company will pay them, and the company trusts you will pay … Continue reading

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How Good People Turn Evil – Part 2

After an intense two weeks of research in 8 cities and 3 countries, I’m back in Singapore to process everything I’ve seen and learned. Thank you to all the many friends and newsmakers who helped make the interviews and trips … Continue reading

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